More DC Creative Changes

Rob Liefeld's new DC books get co-conspirators, while James Robinson checks into DCU Presents.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Savage Hawkman #9

We told you before that Rob Liefeld was inexplicably put on three more DC titles after his first one, Hawk and Dove, tanked.  Now, we know who's joining him on those books. 

On Deathstroke, he'll be handling both the writing and illustrating himself, bringing in Lobo for mercenary-styled adventure time.  On The Savage Hawkman, Liefeld's "vision" will be scripted by his Avengelyne cohort Mark Poulton, with Joe Bennett on the art duties.  Then, on Grifter, Scott Clark handles the renderings while Frank Tieri will script his stories.  Good luck with those gigs.

On the bright side, however, James Robinson, writer of Starman, the delightful new series The Shade and the upcoming Justice Society reboot Earth 2, is going to be checking into DCU Presents with issue #9, after Dan DiDio's Challengers of the Unknown arc wraps up.  Robinson will be giving us the story of hotshot FBI profiler Kass Sage, who has to reach out to her nefarious father to crack a tough case… but her father is the notorious immortal Vandal Savage.  Will Ms. Sage have any connection to Vic Sage, aka The Question?  Well… that's a question. 

Here are the character sketches from artist Bernard Chang.


Kass Sage


Vandal Savage


Oh, and here are Liefeld covers for his books.


Savage Hawkman #9


Grifter #9