Kenyon Martin To Clippers

Kenyon Martin escapes the grasp of Chinese basketball to land himself in LA.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

“Free at last” must be the words on Kenyon Martin’s lips following his return to the NBA. Martin apparently failed to fully comprehend the contract he signed with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers during the lockout and didn’t realize he was signing a contract that wouldn’t allow him to rejoin the NBA if the lockout ended during the Flying Tigers’ season.

Finally, Kenyon Martin is back in the U.S. where he belongs and is the latest star–studded addition to the Clippers who boast a glutton of talent in both their front and backcourt. This team is loaded with so much talent the only question that remains is if they can all figure out how to play together. His ability to play well with others is probably Martin’s biggest appeal at this point in his career.

Martin reportedly signed a 1-year $2.5 million deal joining the frontcourt with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Martin’s numbers have been down the last couple years, but he is still regarded as a team player, strong defender, and good rebounder, so teams were eager to get ahold of the 11-year veteran. An extra big man that knows how to bang against other bigs is especially needed in a season where resting star players and avoiding injury are critical.

Martin will reportedly practice with the Clippers for 1 week before joining their torturous schedule. It will be interesting to see how much Martin is still capable of contributing this late in his career. Even the few games he played in in China weren’t that impressive. Martin only averaged 14 points against sub par competition, so this may be the end of the line for on of the NBA’s brightest talents.