inMotion Air Wireless Speakers

We check out Altec's inMotion Air 100% wireless speaker system.

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline


The one thing that will drive you batty about the inMotion Air wireless speakers: figuring out how to configure it to your laptop.

Don’t get me wrong; the folks at Altec Lansing put out a fine audio system sans wires: no stupid cables, no idiotic docks, and no annoying complications once it’s up and running. But I had a hell of an adventure trying to get the speakers configured to my laptop. I spent a good half hour on tech support trying to crack this Riddle of the Sphinx. In fact, I had to go up the chain-of-command to an entire level up of tech support superiority to figure out what was going wrong in the device configuration department.  It turns out you need to go into Sound inside the Systems Preferences and make sure under Output you highlight the inMotion Air USB drive. Sure, this isn’t mention in the user guide; but take my word for it, that’s what needs to be done.

With that minor obstacle out of the way, I’d have to say I love the inMotion Air wireless speakers. I was previously using a set of speakers that plugged into my headphone jack; and it was all dangly wire city with that setup – a both a big eye sore and a speaker range limited to the chord’s length. With inMotion Air, it’s pure wireless freedom. And I like wireless freedom. Better yet, not only does it work with your laptop, but also such devices as your iPad (1 & 2), iPod, and smartphones. The rectangular shape is small enough to carry with you anywhere, but large enough to pack some big audio dynamite; with punchy bass, mellifluous midrange and crispy highs. The asymmetrical design makes a great, eye-candy addition to your home entertainment system.

Here’re some practical stats on the inMotion Air:

  • No software is required. The USB transmitter works up to a range of 333 feet.
  • The rechargeable battery gives you 7 hours of wireless playing time
  • You can plug in any audio device into the AUX jack.
  • The remote control functions with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and most other music devices.
  • Stylish and convenient to carry

One minor bug; you can’t control the speaker volume directly from your device; you have to use either the remote or buttons on the system. But after being tied down by speaker cables, I love being emancipated by inMotion Air – one of the best portable wireless speaker systems I’ve seen (actually heard) on the market!