Success Doug

7 reasons never to bet against Doug Funnie.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Doug Funnie worries too much. Considering all the anxiety he has over getting romantic with Patti or defending himself from Roger, things always work out fine for Doug in the end. In fact, Doug is on a never-ending winning streak (with the notable exception of his move from Nickelodeon to Disney). See for yourself:


Beets Concert

…and he got to have sex with the bald girl. Nice!


School Report

Then on Sunday night, the teacher died. Problem solved!



It’s called the I’m In So Much Pain Right Now Shuffle.



The best way to beat a bully is with his own illiteracy.


Music Career

Porkchop is a great manager.


New Food

…until the next day.



Doug and Skeeter 2012.


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