Sketch Feast! The Batman

The Bat gives us jokes we deserve, not necessarily the ones we want.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

One of the better things about the success of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight feature film series is the amount of parody videos the movies have spawned. The veritable Bat-Swarm of sketches each focuses on their own collection of plot holes, strange acting choices, and depressingly twist-able dialogue. The Batman may be the world’s greatest detective, but even the mightly Bat-Computer is no match for a trusty search engine, and in a short amount of time I was able to dig up a good crop of Batman-related funny to inject into your brains like your own personal comedic Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

If you got that deep cut Batman reference, good for you! If you didn’t, don’t worry… none of these sketches are digging too deep into the 70-year Batman canon  for their jokes. Cue the Bat-Signal… let’s do this!

Probably the most widely recognized parody in recent months was a pretty amazingly well designed SNL Digital Short staring Steve Buschemi as Commissioner Gordon and Andy Samberg as Batman. It’s raw, funny, and it’s right here for you to enjoy:

After the break we’ll look at the amazing Batman parody work from which is not to be missed. Click on, chum.

The creative team at College Humor really has a grasp of funny, combined with an uncanny ability to exploit the holes in any plot, character, or portrayal. Probably their best known poke at the Dark Detective is “Batman Chooses his Voice” which is pretty incredible.

Pro-Tip: Enjoy Kumail Nanjiani as the street vendor in the first few seconds here. His joke is actually the best in the whole sketch.


Using pretty much the same cast (but now somehow promoting our former corrupt detective to the role of Commissioner Gordon.) The CollegeHumor team takes a stab at Batman’s odd trick of vanishing when you look away. This is ALMOST the same sketch at SNL, but I think way better. Awkward Batman is my favorite!

Awkward Batman returns in one of the best parodies of The Bat. The “Interrogation” sketch does a few callbacks to the previous sketch and yet stands on its own just fine. It’s hard not the give CollegeHumor the brass ring in sketch comedy, there just in a whole other league. A Justice League? No. That’s stupid.

Click past the break to see the best of Batman Parody ANIMATED! Cartoons, baby!

Sometimes real life is just too much to ask for, at least when you have a production budget. Thus, some of the best sketch work is animated in nature. So let’s look at some of the best of the Drawn Knight.

“How it Should Have Ended” (or Hishe) has made a mark on the Internet with funny, well drawn parodies about how the best and worst movies should have ended.The premise for these shorts is simple:   fill the first plot hole and then show you what might have happened. They are all good, but I prefer their treatment of superheros best. Here are a few of the superhero themed episodes from the HiShe. It’s worth a watch for Batman fans. Enjoy!

First of SUPERMAN! (and Batman)


Now IRONMAN! (and Batman)

Finally BATMAN!  (and Superman)

All of these make me all happy and tingly! I love how the HiShe guys manage to keep it fresh with the same voice-cast every time. Pretty impressive. Tune into for a surprising amount of superheros in diners.

Keep it going for the Grab Bag of Bat-I-sodes!

OK,  before you go, here’s a bunch of other fun Batman parody sketches that are well worth their time, and YOUR time. First off is one that didn’t easily fit into the previous two categories… because it was both. Its animated and CollegeHumor! Check it out! (also Superman is in it!).


Here’s a re-cutting of the actual Dark Knight moive that exploits the fact that Tangerine is something that Alfred can be made to say a lot. I guess it’s just easy to cut into his speech. Plus it uses the popular Christian Bale rant. Its pretty fun! It’s from the folks in “Fall On Your Sword” and its hilarious! So are they, as it happens. Check them out!


This next one is probably the only one I have any reservations about. It’s clearly a quick fire response to the unintelligibly muddled dialog of Bane in the “Dark Knight Rises” preview and it’s pretty funny. However I can understand what they are saying for the most part, so the idea that it’s about being hard to understand is less a joke. Plus, I just can’t get over Gordon being played by a girl in a stage mustache. It’s just creepy. Nevertheless, every time I see it I laugh, and so will you. Good job, folks!

Here’s another musical parody of the Dark Knight movie. It points out some problems with the plot, and shows a pretty amazing range on the singer, as he’s able to sing, and deliver in the voices of the main characters.

So, that’s our look at the best of the best of the bat of the funny. Hope you enjoyed it. In the next few weeks on we’ll be looking at some of the other works from these various sketch teams, as well as more funny about the Batman.

See you next time.  (Say it with me:)  Same Bat-Time.  Same Bat-Channel. Same

Batman. Hilarious!