Mr. Freeze Comes to the New 52

Scott Snyder will bring Victor Fries into his Court of Owls story this May in Batman Annual #1.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Batman Annual #1

The New 52 has been very hit and miss when it comes to re-establishing the classic villains in Batman's rogues gallery, but the writer who's been hitting the most is Scott Snyder.  Thankfully, he's going to be the one handling the debut of one Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze, in the New 52 universe, with this May's Batman Annual #1.

“Mr. Freeze is a character full of pathos and tragedy and at the end of the day, he’s one of Batman’s deadliest,” said Snyder. “So as you can imagine, I’m very excited to be able to do a story that establishes him in the new DCU, with rising stars James Tynion IV [co-writer] and Jay Fabok [artist]. This will be tale that really digs into Freeze’s psyche, explaining his connection to the Court of Owls in the present, and exploring dark secrets about his past. Really thrilled to see what you guys think!”

That's right, he's going to be connected to the dastardly Court of Owls trying to control Gotham City, and not roided-out in a prison riot or something. Here's Fabok's full cover of Batman Annual #1.  Freeze even looks like the Owl guy.


Batman Annual #1