Funny Pages – Ladies Night

Sauna Pants, Mob Wives and Virgins – Videos are being served!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Check out today’s front page features from the funniest places on the web… in my pants.


Dailymotion  – The Virgin Herod (link)

Here’s an awkward way to start the day, also does any one else have an inexplicable craving for pizza? Just me?


Break  – Sauna Pants Infomercial (link)

Guys, let’s take a sauna break… in my pants!

I think we’ve gotten to that point; I’m going to end every paragraph with ‘in my pants’ in honor of this awesome creation.


I’m wearing my sauna pants right now, in my pants!


Atom Films – Extra Butter, Please: 209 (link)


College Humor – North Korean Photoshop Tutorial (link)

Hey gang, who wants to get a little better at photoshop… in my pants?


Dorkly – Bioshock Little Sister's Big Date (link)

Can you blame a dad for being over protective of his daughter? I mean check out those pixels! You know she wants 8-bit. Maybe not the best of the batch from Dorkly, but you can’t win em all … in my pants.


UCB Comedy – Boycotted! (link)

Upright Citizen’s Brigade was, in my mind, inspirational to the new wave of comedy we see flourishing on the internet today. But for some reason the folks over at UCB comedy have decided to start featuring this awful series of short videos called ‘Jim-A-Day Calendar’ there’s one for each day, and the light is terrible, the writing’s not much better and I’m sick of it. So until they stop showing these I will continue to have this personal embargo (and this message) on the funny pages list, in my pants.


Funny Or Die – Mob Wives 2: The Christening (link)

I’m sure these are funnier to people who actually enjoy reality TV. But whatver, it’s ok-ish. Though I do have to say I highly approve of the ending.

Honestly as long as Funny or Die keeps putting Sophia Bush in these I’ll watch them no matter what… in my pants.


That’s all for the wonderful video wonderland of… in my pants.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today… in my pants.

Now go forth and jump in the sauna… in my pants.


Got a suggestion on a website I don’t hit? Leave a facebook comment below and I’ll check it out or send me a tweet to your video URL on twitter at @samproof  – tell me crave sent you… in my pants.


Here’s some bonus fun … in my pants.