Funny Mortal Kombat Fatalities! (6 Vids)

Not everything involves ripping out someone's spine.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

The Mortal Kombat franchise is easily one of the most ground-breaking in history. What was once the simple concept of a "fighting game" was taken to new levels of gore and violence with a little blood and a couple of crushed skulls. But did you know there are some fatalities that just aren't as popular?

Believe it.

We here at CRAVE have found some of the funnier fatalities that the web has to offer. Why don't  you sit back, crack open a can of beer, fire up some popcorn and bask in wonder that is… THE FATALITY!

Check 'em out: 


Shao Khan is gay:

When you think about it, Shao Khan's outfit is a little more "gay he-man" than "evil warlord."


Outside Interference:

There is some possible major money behind a MK/Smackdown brand… just saying. 


Rejected Fatalities:

Why the hell didn't these make it into the game?


Fatality Bloopers:


Crossover Fatality!

This has been a long time coming. 



It's always funny to watch a grown monster trip balls.


Crave Online neither opposes nor endorses ripping out someone's spine for world domination.