First Looks at the New 52 Second Wave

Wait a minute, what are Justice Leaguers doing in my Justice Society book?  What's going on here?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Earth 2

When DC announced they were axing six of the New 52 titles and giving us a "second wave" of six new books, we showed you images from Dial H and Batman Incorporated.  Now, we can show you cover images from the other four books, and one of them raises some serious questions.  Plus, we've got some news about DC creative changes going on with the "first wave" of the New 52.

First of all, here's the long-awaited return of Power Girl in World's Finest.  The cleavage window, she is closed, as is the pointless navel window of the Huntress.  Good on DC for that, and good on George Perez for drawing this.


World's Finest #1


Next is Brett Booth's cover for G.I. Combat.  I'll admit, I wasn't expecting dinosaurs in the military book, but one of their major stories is "The War That Time Forgot," so perhaps I should have.


G.I. Combat


Then, we have Ian Churchill's work on The Ravagers, which spins out of Superboy/Teen Titans stuff and appears to feature Gen13's Fairchild in full powerhouse form.


The Ravagers


Then, finally, we have the much-anticipated Justice Society relaunch Earth 2, which… wait a minute.  Why are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman fighting Parademons in this cover?  It's a "variant" cover from Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, so maybe it's just some weird stupid way to plug Justice League, but the uniforms look different and… WHERE THE HELL IS MY JSA?

All right, here's a theory.  The Trinity are killed on Earth 2 by a Parademon invasion, forcing the Justice Society to arise from the Justice League's ashes.  Therefore, Superman gets his precious "first hero ever" status, and the JSA can be all modernized and what-not.  Not quite the JSA kicking ass during World War II thing some people hoped for, but hey, it's the New 52.  Nostalgia ain't their bag.


Earth 2




Also, another DC creative update – the Old New 52 is playing some ring around the rosey with their artists.  Travel Foreman is leaving Animal Man (which will upset Iann Robinson) to go to Birds of Prey while Steve Pugh, who worked on the 90s Animal Man series, will be returning to Buddy Baker's adventures.  Meanwhile, outgoing BoP artist Jesus Saiz is moving over to Resurrection Man, because RM's previous artist, Fernando Dagnino, is heading over to Suicide Squad.  Only fitting, as there's a RM/SS crossover in the works, to boot.