Are We There Yet? 4 Great Travel Shows

We look at four of the best travel shows on TV.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

My husband and I spend evenings flipping through the different travel shows that air on various networks, and the hosts of these programs have the greatest jobs in the world. They not only get to comb the globe but they get escorted to all of the best sights, receive the ultimate in accommodations and restaurants, and are basically treated like the celebrities that they kinda are.

Here are some of our regulars:

"An Idiot Abroad"

If you haven't watched British funnyman Ricky Gervais (and his devilish sidekick Stephen Merchant) send the side-splitting Karl Pilkington on a myriad of adventures in places like India, Italy, Egypt and more in "An Idiot Abroad," you're missing out on a fantastically comedic experience. The second season is underway and Pilkington is fulfilling his "bucket list." He's the most loveable, miserable, crusty, hysterical guy on TV.

"Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern"

Don't plan on eating dinner or dessert during this show, as Andrew Zimmern truly tries some bizarre (note: stomach-turning-disgusting) foods on this T+E show. Debuting back in 2007, it's currently in its sixth season and has included the host trying "local delicacies" like unborn chicken eggs, sea squirts (you don't wanna know), and the testicles of just about every animal imaginable. But don't let me turn you off – Zimmern is incredibly endearing and there's a lot to learn from the places he visits.

"Hairy Bikers"

The hosts of this History Channel show are a match made in foodie heaven – Paul Patranella is a four-star classically-trained French chef who loves motorcycles, and Bill Allen is a renowned motorcycle mechanic and a food lover. Together they scour America on their bikes looking for the most unique and delicious food. Their adventures also see them spearing bullfrogs, trawling for shrimp, capturing gators, cleaning road kill, harvesting wheat for beer, and tracking down wild boars.

"Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations"

Celebrity chef, TV personality, best-selling author, public speaker, weary world traveler, gourmand, punk-rock aficionado, proud New Yorker and, most recently, doting father Anthony Bourdain explores every corner of the globe in his successful award-winning show "No Reservations." His blunt but very down-to-earth persona is the biggest draw of the show, not to mention his obvious connections. And it doesn't hurt that he's ventured to do crazy things like eating the raw eyeball off a bloody seal carcass on a kitchen floor, flying through the treetops of Vancouver on a zip-line, or hunting for lizards in the desert of Saudi Arabia!

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