The First ‘Bourne Legacy’ Trailer is Classy As Hell

Your first look at the Bourne Identity spin-off starring Jeremy Renner and Ed Norton.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Jeremy Renner's on the cusp of superstardom this year with high profile roles in The Avengers, obviously, and The Bourne Legacy, a film which people are talking about slightly less. That's about to change thanks to the first, extremely classy trailer, courtesy of Apple. Not much plot here, but style galore as Tony Gilroy's film takes the old-fashioned Saul Bass approach to its titles, and our old friends Joan Allen and Albert Finney show up to welcome Renner aboard as the latest reconditioned government secret agent who will, we presume, go rogue in some way. Ed Norton's on hand to help with the brainwashing, but Renner seems to do all of the ass-kicking himself. We're very enthused. Check out the trailer below, and scroll down for the new poster!