Red Karaoke – Portable Karaoke Machine

Now you can Karaoke anywhere you want.

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Red Karaoke

When you were a kid, did you ever think you would have the capacity to carry a karaoke machine in your front pocket? Either that’s saying something about the state of karaoke applications or the current size of front pockets. In our app-crazed age, Red Karaoke is one of the frontrunners in the war of sing along devices.

What I like about the app is the basic functionality of features. You log on, and there’s a library of songs to choose from – with roughly 45,000 choices to croon from. Let’s say I want to sing Fleetwood Mac’s, Go Your Own Way. (What’s so funny about that?) Now the fun begins: the app allows you to choose either a front facing or back facing camera. You can film yourself crooning, say, Eagles, Hotel California, or you can use the back camera to film your friends reacting to you singing the Eagles Hotel California. Click on the song and not only do you have highlighted text and a backing track, but the app also allows you to change the tone. For an inexpensive upgrade, you can choose from the entire Red Karaoke back catalog. If you nail the performance, the app allows you to send your American Idol-worthy singing to Facebook, Twitter, or directly to the Red Karaoke site – where members of the community can vote on whether or not you go onto the next round or if you shouldn’t quit your day job.

The site has become one of the leading social networks on the InterWeb. Available on the iPhone and Android, Red Karaoke’s next big move is their Window’s app launch next week, as well as Google TV and  SmartTV, etc. Give it a whirl: Red Karaoke is ridiculously easy to operate, navigate, and record your next American Idol audition reel – and it fits conveniently in your pocket.