Funny Pages – Love is in the Air… and hate

Beware the ides of February, um plus ten… minus one. VIDEOS!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From the front page of the webs most notorious video sites, we’ve got the vday vids (and others) that’ll you love! (or hate, probably depending on if you’re single or not)


Dailymotion  – Saxophone Bikini Beach (link)

Here’s a little sexy saxophone action for our single ladies, fearing spending the Big V-Day alone. Get your sax-pron on. I fear Tim and Eric may be ready to pop out at any moment. But so far this seems to be an unrelated anomaly.

Ouuu Saxy.


College Humor – Laser Sword (link)

Do they have Valentine’s Day on the death star? Or do they think "Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. so It's not applicable? I mean really Darth? Really?


Break  – So This Guy Is Back (link)

And no take a break form all that’s logical, normal, and funny about comedy.. for… whatever the F this is from btw Go Pro camera’s should be sue’d for the amount of videos like this that now get made because of their easily mountable cameras. You’re worse than Hitler Go Pro!


UCB Comedy – A World Without an Internet (link)

The embargo is off! UCB has finally put up something other than, that horrible Jim A Day sketch run… and I’m proud to offer this up to you.

This sketch was a part of UCB’s Sketch Cram where a series of sketches are written, shot and edited in a single day. Sketch Cram is a monthly show where New York's top comedic writers and performers create and perform a show in a day.

So while this video isn’t about love and valentine’s day, I love it for it’s effort, and mostly for not being a Jim A Day Video.


Funny Or Die – Handsome Baby (link)

And remember guys, if you do Valentine’s day right, this is what you can expect around the corner… by which I mean, years of watching videos like this alone in a lazy boy couch while your chick is at some knitting circle talking about banging something hotter and younger. This video has an awesome cast of funny ladies starring Angela Trimbur, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, June Diane Raphael and Natasha Leggero


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your VD on!

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Here’s some bonus fun just in time for the holidays: