Sports Fix: Episode 17

Jeremy Lin's amazing week with the Knicks, Phil Mickelson's ups and Tiger Woods' downs at Pebble Beach, Jose Canseco's unusual return to baseball, and more!

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Josh Helmuth delivers the top sports stories of the week…

A lot can happen in a week, especially under the bright city lights of New York. In just one week, Jeremy Lin has gone from 15th man, to the star-starting point guard and most talked about player in the NBA. Under Lin's leadership the Knicks are undefeated, 5-0, including a defeat over the Lakers in a game where Lin had 38 points, and still no Carmelo Anthony or Amare Staudamire. After being a local high school star, the bay area native didn't get a scholarship offer from Stanford, so he went on to play for Harvard. Lin's rise is nothing short of spectacular, even with his Ivy League education. Not only has Lin been released by multiple NBA teams since being with the Warriors as an undrafted free agent in 2010, but 'word on the street' that up until this week, Lin was still crashing on a couch in Manhattan, because he wasn't sure how long he would be with the Knicks. Jeremy, if the Knicks don't want you know, I can count about 29 other NBA teams that would take you. And by the way, Lin's number 17 jersey is the top seller on

Phil Mickelson rallied from a whopping 6 shots behind, winning at Pebble Beach, his 40th PGA Tour win. Tiger Woods on the other hand, who was one shot out of the lead on the sixth hole on Sunday, fell apart. While Woods completed the final round with three straight bogeys, Mickelson was rolling on dubs….and by dubs I mean rolling in 20 foot eagle putts. Mickelson is only the 9th player in tour history with 40 career wins.

It was announced Sunday that former MLB MVP, Jose Canseco will be trying out for the Quintana Roo Tigers of the Mexican League. Canseco, who is 47, last played pro baseball nearly 11 years ago for the Chicago White Sox.  He hit 462 home runs during his 17 year career before admitting to steroid use in 2005, publishing a book that also called out former teammates, which makes this entire endeavor incredibly ironic. With the Mexican League being managed by minor league baseball, and contacting Athletic's GM Billy Beane this past month, Canseco is trying to break back into the institution he sold out 7 years ago. If all else fails, I'm sure there are plenty of softball leagues in southern california that he could play for, and I betcha he could even get a member discount with is AARP card.

Freshman guard Austin Rivers nailed his 6th 3-pointer of the game, at the buzzer, to rally his Duke Blue Devils past North Carolina 85-84, snapping UNC's school record 31 game home winning streak.

Kobe Bryant passed former teammate Shaquille O'Neal for 5th place on the NBA's all-time scoring list.

And Red Sox third baseman is engaged to marry Julie Brady…which of course is Patriot's Quarterback, Tom Brady's sister. Niiiiiiiceeeeee.

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