5 Funny Versions of The Avengers Trailer

Mashups Assemble!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

There was an idea… to take the sound from The Avengers trailer… and mix it with visuals from something else. This led to the formation of The Avengers mashup trailers and parodies. You saw Marvel’s superhero superstars on the Super Bowl, now check them out as Muppets, cartoon characters and as actors from 60 years ago:


Muppet Avengers

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to summon Thor.


Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue Avengers

Avengers don’t do drugs, though some of them *glug glug glug*, if you know what I mean.


Video Games Avengers

If Sonic and Mario can get along, why not throw a Master Chief in there?


The Avengers (1952)

All the hero-men in one nifty squadron!


The Sweded Avengers

I can work in the title, too. The Av… uh, wait – what was it, again?


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