Uh-Oh: Tevez is Back in England

Tevez is given a police escort as he arrives in the UK.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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Carlos Tevez has today made his return to England following a three-month long game of hide 'n' seek that only he was playing. 

The Manchester City striker fled the country and returned to Argentina following a bust-up with his club concerning his refusal to warm-up during City's champions league match against Bayern Munich. After three months spent in exile he has now come back to England in order to engage in talks with boss Roberto Mancini.

His feud with Mancini is still raging on following an interview for Argentine TV in which he claimed the manager had treated him "like a dog", because it is a well-known fact that labradors earn £100,000 a week for running around the park.

Speaking of the Bayern incident that has led to his shaky stance with his club, Tevez said:  "I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t playing. Mancini had taken the captain’s armband away from me without telling me why or even speaking to me about it, so a lot of things had happened and I was in a bad mood.

‘I had already warmed up in the first half but he told me to keep on warming up. He treated me like a dog. When he spoke to me in that tone of voice, I said, “No I’m not going out”.

"I was willing to play but the coach was in such a foul mood because he’s had an argument with Dzeko that he started on me as well, and began swearing. He said some horrible things to me."

However, he has stated that he is "ready to return, to win and do the best for the club's shirt", with Mancini also backing down from his previous statement that it would be "impossible" for Tevez to play at City ever again.

Tevez was given a police escort after arriving at Manchester airport, where he then travelled to Carrington training base in order to talk with Mancini and City officials.

Speaking of Mancini's more lenient stance on his future with the club, Tevez said: "I like that Mancini has said that he will welcome me back but he also said I was never going to play for him again, so I don’t know."