Historectomy 24 A Tale of Two Ninjas

Giant chain weapons that destroy horse mounted infantry and the ninjas who wield them...while on fire.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


Ninjas are freaking sweet, so we take 20 minutes to talk about dragon swords, pretty lady disguises, and the mystical powers of the ninja like “mind fighting”. Today our two hidden subjects are Yamato Takeru and Hattori Hanzo! Let’s Go!



Also in this episode: Ninjas are like raptors (but deadlier!), we pre-emptively apologize for any offense we don’t mean, South Park nailed anime theme tropes, Prince Osu loves to kill so let’s send him away!, best killing strategy involves women’s clothes, bad ninjas are forced to live in Boise, Idaho, need a sword? look in the belly of your local dragon god, Sam reveals his knowledge of ancient Japanese demon pornography, MC Hanzo is Sam’s rap handle, weapons that AREN’T more useful when set on fire, Christian LOVES The Last Samurai, Sam Neil would not have expected ninjas in Jurassic Park III, “Erotic Edge” was the most powerful sword in Japan, and would you rather be violated to death or commit Seppuku? All this and more inside!