Next Xbox Has a (Code) Name

Microsoft has decided to cowboy up with their next system's code name.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The lab monkeys at Microsoft are currently working on the next iteration of the Xbox behind closed doors. However, one little detail has slipped through the cracks: the system's code name.

Kotaku is reporting that the next Xbox is going by the handle "Durango" at this very moment. We hear that and can't get the image of the Johnny Depp-voiced chameleon, Rango, out of our heads. What is wrong with us?!

But back on topic, code names are nothing new to the game's industry. Before Durango, we saw "Katana" for the Dreamcast, "Dolphin" for the GameCube and "Revolution" for the Wii. And like all code names before it, Durango won't be the name plastered on the system's box when it hits retail. It's just a name to call the system by internally. Granted, it is a strange name.

What's your take on the next Xbox's code name? Honestly, it doesn't really mean anything significant, it's just interesting to see where people's minds are at when brainstorming important things such as new console names. 

[image courtesy of Kotaku]