‘Sons of Anarchy’ Screenwriter Brings Time Travel Drama To Syfy

Brett Conrad unleashes "The Dover Agenda;" which gives the network two competing time travel pilots.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last month, Syfy gave the greenlight for the time travel series "Rewind," the network's first drama pilot in over a year. But apparently, Syfy wants more than one option before jumping into the timestream.

Deadline is reporting that screenwriter Brett Conrad ("Sons of Anarchy") has sold a pilot script to Syfy called "The Dover Agenda." The story is said to be about a young man who finds himself recruited to join a secret branch of the Military that specializes in parapsychology and future technology. The twist is that the recruiter is a future version of the young man, who slowly realizes that his future self may not be someone he wants to be.

Barry Josephson ("Bones") is set to executive produce "The Dover Agenda," which will get a 90 minute pilot episode that may allow the network to air it as a TV movie if it is not picked up to series. Syfy used a similar strategy with "Rewind;" which got a two hour pilot.

The last two drama pilots produced by Syfy were "Alphas" and "Three Inches," both of which had superhero themes and elements. Only "Alphas" was picked up as a weekly series; which seems to suggest that only one of the current time travel dramas will be picked up… if either of them get the nod. Syfy also has a particularly busy development slate with adaptations of the DC Comics superhero, "Booster Gold" as well as "Legion" and "The Adjustment Bureau;" both of which were based on recent feature films.

Syfy is also producing an upcoming futuristic drama called "Defiance," from "Farscape" creator Rockne S. O'Bannon; which recently signed Grant Bowler as the lead.

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