‘Fringe’ Trailer: “Answers Are Coming”

Catch an extended preview of next week's episode, as Peter goes to great lengths to save someone close to him.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Weeks ago on "Fringe," FBI Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) received an alarming visit from The Observer known as September (Michael Cerveris). While the strange man appeared to be mortally wounded from a gun shot, September told Olivia that she would die in all possible futures before he disappeared.

And in last night's episode of "Fringe," Olivia's dark fate seemed to be at hand as the malevolent forces of David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) and Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) captured Olivia and reunited her with… the real Nina Sharp?!

In next Friday's episode, "The End of All Things;" Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) comes face-to-face with September before convincing his father, Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) of a risky course of action that may be their only hope of finding Olivia in time. Fox is heavily promoting this episode by promising that several answers to long standing mysteries will be revealed in this special, extended trailer for "The End of All Things."



"The End of All Things" was written by fan favorite scribe, David Fury and it will be the last "Fringe" episode until Friday, March 23; when the series will return for the final seven episodes of the fourth season.

Will Olivia survive? What will Peter discover about The Observers? Share your theories in the comment section below!