Flight Of The Conchords Australia Tour

The Conchords 2012 Australia, New Zealand tour is here!

Robert Whiteby Robert White

New Zealand comedy duo Flight Of The Conchords are set for an Australian and NZ tour.

One of the best comedy series of the past few years, The Conchords last appeared together two years ago, finishing their second self-titled HBO series.

They have since been working on separate projects. Bret McKenzie received an Oscar nomination for his musical contributions to the recent Muppet movie (his epic Man or Muppet is up for Best Original Song) and plays a starring role in this year’s Two Little Boys alongside Australian comedian Hamish Blake. McKenzie also has roles in the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Austenland and The Outback, all 2012 releases.

Jermaine Clement, apparently a little less busier career wise, will appear in the upcoming Men in Black III as an alien and voices the character of Professor Koontz in the animated Napoleon Dynamite TV series.

The duo haven't toured for three years but McKenzie told billboard.com that it will give the pair a chance to finally get together and work out some new material.

"We're about to tour Australia and New Zealand. We haven't toured there in years. Whereas we've been in America recently and I don't want to tour America until we've got some new material…Being on tour means we’ll be in the same place. It’s been difficult to get things going because we’ve been living in different cities. We haven’t developed a Skype band meeting system yet,” he said.

Tour dates will be announced soon.