New Gears 3 DLC Coming March 27th

The "Forces of Nature" DLC will introduce five maps, new weapons and new character skins. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


For all the Gears of War 3 fans out there, Epic Games plans to release a new batch of downloadable content, called "Forces on Nature," on March 27. The new content will include five multiplayer maps (three new, two remakes), as well as new weapons for Horde and Beast mode called "Elemental Cleavers." In addition, new character and weapon skins will be introduced. 

The three new maps are called "Cove," "Aftermath," and "Artillery." The two maps being remade originally come from the first Gears of War, "Jacinto" and "Raven Down." Epic is claiming that these maps will be quite interesting in Gears 3 because they incorporate fog, snowstorms and tsunamis into the gameplay. 

As for the "Elemental Cleavers," these weapons have built-in special abilities, like the impulsion cleaver that "explodes on impact." Additionally, four new character skins (shown above) and seven new weapon skins, two of which were designed based on community feedback, will be included in the DLC. Finally, Gears 3 players will also be treated to 250 more Achievement Points to snag.

The "Forces on Nature" DLC will cost 800 MS Points when it launches on March 27, or free for Gears 3 Season Pass owners