6 Backflipping Animals

Jedis of the animal kingdom.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When my cat flips out, he claws the furniture and won’t stop hissing at me. When these animals “flip out,” they actually do a backflip in the air, which is vastly preferable (especially when there’s company). Check out these awesome backflipping pets and performing animals:


Dog Backflips

Bud gets some serious air.


Cat Backflips

Parkour cat loves parkour.


Seal Backflip

Who’s gonna Free Willy this seal with me?


Hamster Backflips

Who needs some stupid wheel?


Turtle Backflips

Just add mutagen and you've got a ninja.


Monkey Backflips

As if to say, “eat it, other animals.”


Bonus: Human Backflip Fail

This is one area where our species could improve.


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