David Haye Will Not Fight Chisora

Trainer Adam Booth says that Haye may never enter the ring again.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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It's been a long week for David Haye. After interrupting a press conference in Germany with the defeated Dereck Chisora following his bout with Vitali Klitschko, Haye and Chisora became embroiled in a brawl that has seen both men vilified by the press as exexplifying everything that is wrong with British boxing.

Both have since spoken of the incident (viewable in the video below), with Chisora apologising for his role in the incident and Haye instead choosing to point the finger of blame directly at Chisora. The fight culminated with Chisora claiming that he would "shoot" Haye and Haye hurriedly exiting the country. Chisora was later detained by German police for questioning but was released without charge, while Haye left the country too quickly for officials to speak with him. 

The brawl has led many to speculate a possible match-up between the two British boxers with the winner then going on to face heavyweight champion Klitschko, but Haye's trainer Adam Booth has denied those claims.

Booth, who was involved in the altercation and received a cut on the forehead from an alleged broken bottle, told the BBC: "David is still retired, he has no plans to fight again.

"He's always said the only people he would come out (of retirement) to fight is one of the Klitschko brothers and what happened on Saturday night doesn't change that one bit."

Haye announced his retirement from boxing following his heavyweight unification fight with Wladimir Klitschko, which saw him suffer a miserable defeat and subsequently blame an alleged broken toe on the loss. 

If Haye was to reapply for his license in order to face one of the Klitschko brothers he would need to reapply for his boxing license, a decision that would have to go through the Boxing Board of Control, who may find that decision more difficult to make following this incident. Chisora will appear before the board on March 14th "with regard to his behaviour prior, during and after" his bout with Klitschko.

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