Spurs Hurting For Help

Ginobili out injured again.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The Spurs are one of those veteran teams that manage to fly under the radar and then make a late season run. How they manage to stay unnoticed by the mainstream media might be because their star player, Tim Duncan, is about as flashy as a Honda Civic. The Spurs’ coach is about as dynamic as a Ford Focus and the team’s offense is about as highlight driven as a Kia Sophia. They aren’t a heavy highlight driven team like the Clippers or a youthfully exciting team like the Thunder. They’re methodical and deliberate.

With all that said, it still amazes me they manage to stay off everyone’s radar considering they had the best regular season record last year in the Western Conference and won 3 Championship rings in the Tim Duncan error.

The Big Three in SA-town are Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili. Ginobili is the spark, the flash, and the soul of the team. He’s a guy not shy of last second shots or big pressure situations. He’s been known to drive to the hoop, dunk, drain a 3, and flop taking a charge with the best of them.

Last season Manu went for 17.4 ppg and 5 apg, but these stats hardly reflect the timing and importance of his impact. He is the spark plug that gives the Spurs the boost when they need it. In short, he is the San Antonio ‘X’ factor. Amazingly, the Spurs are only 1.5 games out of first place. With everyone yapping about the Clippers, they’re still 2 games behind San Antonio.

In 2012 the Spurs have been without their Argentinian star as he missed 22 games after breaking his hand January 2nd against Minnesota. Just as he was getting back on the floor and into the flow of the Spurs’ offense, he’s out again.  It looked like the Spurs were going to be in a great position to make a run in the second half of the season, but Ginobili just suffered a strained left oblique. They’re playing way above expectations so far, but if Ginobili’s out for the rest of the season it’ll be a tough road ahead for San Antonio.