Malin Akerman and Justin Theroux on Wanderlust

The comedy co-stars talk hippie wisdom, messiah complexes, and updates on the Les Grossman movie.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


Wanderlust is an ensemble comedy vehicle for lots of our favorite actors, but especially for Justin Theroux. As the hippie commune leader Seth, he’s one of the more outrageous characters. Malin Akerman is the free love hippie Eva who has a memorable seduction scene with Paul Rudd. At the press conference for Wanderlust, Theroux and Akerman continued riffing off each other and I jumped in with several questions about the film.


CraveOnline: Were there any parts of Seth’s wisdom that resonated with you?

Justin Theroux: He’s so wise. One of the things that I like that he says was, “I live where I am.”

Malin Akerman: That is actually pretty good.

JT: I know, I was like that’s actually a pretty good line.

MA: Yeah, that is a great line.

JT: You know, but then he’s not good at following his own advice.

MA: I think I just started tuning you out.

JT: I know, so did I by the way.

MA: All the bullsh*t that came out of Seth’s mouth. You’re just like whatever. You just let him talk. That is a good one actually.

JT: I think that’s how he kind of at least got some of the commune members under his spell is to have these sort of things that seem to make a lot of sense and then they actually don’t make any sense.


Malin, how hard was it to keep a straight face in the bedroom scene with Paul?

MA: Ridiculous. I didn’t. I never kept a straight face. It was literally behind my head. You kind of see these weird cuts. It cuts back and forth really quick because the whole time as we were sitting there, I was looking like this. I couldn’t even look at him, and I was still crying because I was laughing so hard. Poor Paul but he kept it together. He’s so good.

JT: Paul even, if you kind of look where they cut, I think you can see Paul just the corners of his mouth are starting to twist up.

MA: Oh, he broke quite a few times during that scene too. I mean, just the ridiculousness of what he’s saying in that scene is brilliant. He’s so funny.


Justin, you played Jesus Christ in The Ten and you played this cult leader. Do you have a messiah complex?

JT: I don't know. Maybe David has a messiah complex for me because I actually played J.C. in David’s other movie, The Ten. I actually think Seth is kind of an offshoot of that character, a natural progression. It’s like a spinoff series of Jesus.

MA: Didn’t you say that in the script it would say “a Justin Theroux character?”

JT: It was literally “A Justin Theroux type.” I was like, “What are you talking about? Are you asking me to do this with you? Dude, you think I’m a total horrible person.” But no, I don’t have a messiah complex. Is that the question?


I just wanted to reference The Ten because I love it.

JT: I love The Ten too, yeah.


Malin, I got to talk to you when you were just on Entourage and starting to do movies. What do you think of all the characters you’ve gotten to play up to this innocent hippy and the angry doctor on Childrens Hospital?

MA: Innocent hippy, she’s a whore.

JT: Innocent whore hippy.

MA: Yes, innocent whore hippy. Oh my God, I am so excited. I feel like I’ve had such fun characters along the way. I always love the quirky stuff which is why I love Childrens Hospital and doing that because it really pushes the envelope of comedy. I think it’s so great too that web series are now being picked up and made into television because you can go a little further and I’m not shy. I like to do stuff that puts people on their toes.

JT: Edgy.

MA: I am having so much trouble speaking today by the way. I’m so sorry. We had the premiere last night, okay? That’s all I need to say.

JT: We had the after party.

MA: But I feel so humbled and so excited and I can’t believe some of the stuff that I’ve gotten to do. And I can’t believe some of the stuff that I have done in hindsight, but it’s been great.

JT: Wait ‘til you see Rock of Ages for this one.

MA: I can’t wait for that one.

JT: She has a very funny scene in that.


Did Rock of Ages come out of working on the Les Grossman movie?

JT: The Les Grossman movie there’s something kicking around but we’re trying to figure out and figure out schedules, so that’s in development.


So Rock of Ages was a separate pitch?

JT: No, Rock of Ages was a musical that was pre-existing and I came on for the screenplay portion of it with some other people. And it was fun, a lot of fun. That movie’s going to be very entertaining. Trust.

MA: Very entertaining.