FX Greenlights ‘Archer’ Season 4

The animated spy comedy is quickly renewed, as special preview pictures debut from the upcoming third season finale.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) may constantly flirt with disaster as an Agent of ISIS. But one thing is certain: "Archer" will be back for another season.

Earlier today, FX announced that the fourth season of "Archer" has been given a greenlight for 13 new episodes. On top of that, FX has signed a two year development deal with "Archer" executive producers Matt Thompson and Adam Reed, who also created the show. Through Reed and Thompson's animation studio, Floyd County Prods, the duo have a new two year pact in place to produce additional seasons of "Archer" and any new animated projects that develop.

The current deal also has an option for two additional years, which could keep Reed and Thompson on "Archer" through a potential seventh season if it is picked up. The third season of "Archer" has been a breakout hit for FX, with each episode averaging 3.31 million viewers across multiple airings.

“It was an easy decision to order more Archer,” said Nick Grad, FX’s Executive Vice President of Original Programming .  “Adam, Matt, and our amazing voice cast are delivering one of the funniest and smartest shows on television.”

Entertainment Weekly has also posted two pictures from the two part season finale of "Archer," which will feature "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston as Commander Drake (seen below), the officer in charge of an international space station facing a mutiny. Naturally this means that Archer and company will suit up and go into space… including Ray Gillette, who appears to be standing in one of the pics despite his crippling injury earlier in the season.


Here's where things get less clear. The first part of third season finale of "Archer" will air on Thursday, March 15. But that would bring the current season to an end after 13 episodes, leaving three episodes of its previous 16 episode order unaccounted for.

It's possible that FX will change the air order and broadcast the other three episodes in the spring. But it seems more likely that the final three episodes will be held back until fall 2012 for another "Archer: Special Assignment" like the three part "Heart of Archness" that aired last September.


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