Historectomy 25 Jersey Shore Shark Attacks

In 1916, New Jersey's waters ran red with the blood of children and the Swiss...it's only hope? A circus strongman armed only with a moustache and a broken oar. No seriously.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

We discuss the horrific events of a shark infested Jersey summer in 1916 that were the inspiration for the movie “Jaws”! There’s blood in the water…and that means comedy for all!


Also in this episode: Sam prefers to “trip balls…on death”, fat pregnant sharks attack people, Discovery channel execs are drunk with power, popular 20th century shark misconceptions, wrestler sharks, we offend all the sharks that subscribe to podcasts, horrible ironies in shark death, would you own a “dog shark”? Christian would!, our New York includes awful stereotypes of new Americans, Darth Vader was a picnic table, Hans Bruder’s unlucky mother, Native American shark curses, “Indian Shark Curse” is SyFy’s next television film, it’s all about the money even when shark murder is on the line, the psychological scars of a shark attack, circus strongmen killing sharks with broken oars and Sam would cut off Christian’s leg to save his life!