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The best trekking pastimes.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

People enjoy traveling for different reasons – most of the time, it's just being exposed to new people, places and things that revs our engines (guilty!). But perhaps you also have a sub-hobby for your travel hobby. Mine is photography.

A few years ago my husband bought me a fancy-schmancy camera, and it's become an extra limb – I always have my camera on me (my friends playfully refer to me as "paparazzi" now). I love trying to capture unique shots of unconventional landmarks, so instead of photographing Main Street in downtown Nashville I was instead focused on close-ups of the giant neon signs, the amusing sayings hung on bar walls, and the like.

Some globe-trotters are into journaling, and find that writing about their experiences is an interesting way of recording their journeys. I have travel-mates who literally have hundreds of journals lined up on bookshelves in their home depicting all of the most eclectic details of their world travels. Many of them go on to publish their stories into successful books. I also have friends who are very into art, and bring blank canvases and sketch pads to foreign city squares or busy cafes to sit, people-watch, and recreate pictures of their fascinating new surroundings.

Perhaps you're a collector and enjoy combing through rare boutiques and antique shops in search of new treasures to bring home and display in your home (I know of a travel journalist whose home is a veritable museum of trinkets and chachkas, where every surface is practically covered in statuettes, small keepsake boxes, and more from across the globe). Some people use vacations as an opportunity to educate themselves, and they sign up for a slew of one-of-a-kind classes and visit museums throughout their trip. Others who consider themselves true gourmands check out new cities to explore their culinary landscapes, dining at a myriad of restaurants and local haunts as well as sampling an array of wines, beers, or other spirits.

Travel is an excellent way to see new places and experience new cultures, and it can be a hobby in and of itself. But having a hobby for your travel, whether it be photography or collecting, can add even more excitement to a vacation. So try picking up a camera, a pen or pencil, or even an antique from a local, and watch your ordinary vacay become extraordinary.

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