10 Classic Simpsons Episodes That Almost Happened

We were very close to seeing these episodes a million times.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Simpsons writer and producer Bill Oakley gave fans an amazing treat on Twitter recently. He shared with the world 10 ideas for classic-era episodes of The Simpsons that were close to coming together, but never did. These premises were pitched and sometimes written in full. It’s as though the clouds in the heavens have parted…


Too Hot For TV

Donut-ing, perhaps?


Poor Lisa

Hard to blame a man for joining Team Bart.


The Show Keeps On Truckin’

Brought to you by Canyonero.


Zzz’s Please

That would explain why he constantly sleeps at work.


When Shows Combine

The Wessssstooooons…


We’re Amused

Q: How many theme parks are there in The Simpsons universe? A: Not enough!


The Hibbert Renaissance

I’m sure Homer is in the right on this one.


Expensive Episode

From The Max Power Collection.


Poor Lisa, Pt. 2

This episode would have had a cult following.


Springfield M.F.

Q: How many famous musicians have visited Springfield? A: Not enough!


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