Great Moments In Oscars History!

Wow your friends with your impressive Oscars knowledge!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

On Hollywood's biggest night anything can happen! Someone might get drunk and fall down some steps. There could be an accidental "nipple-flash." Kirk Douglas could die on camera in front of millions. ANYTHING is possible!

We here at CRAVE have taken the time to compile some great moments in OSCARS history from the little-known triumphs to the most stunning upsets!

Take a look!


1928 – The first Oscars are held in Jack Warner’s basement. His mom makes rice krispie treats. After he loses best picture, Charlie Chaplin gets hammered and drives home drunk – leaving these Oscars on a cliffhanger.

1930 – “All Quiet on the Western Front” wins best picture. It will later be remade by Michael Bay.

1932 – The Oscars get their first corporate sponsor – “Reuben’s Kosher Deli.”

1936 – “Supporting Actor” categories are added, finally giving the “fat best friend” character some recognition.

1939 – “Gone With The Wind” becomes the movie people won’t shut up about for the next 80 years.

1941 – “Citizen Kane” loses best picture! Orson Wells famously said before hand on the red carpet, “If Citizen Kane looses, I’ll f*ck my own grandmother!” Grandma Wells was never heard from again. 

1945 – Because of anti-German sentiment, the “Oscars” is lovably called the “shit-eating kraut awards.” 

1951 – “A Streetcar Named Desire” wins three Oscars. Marlon Brando discovers his love of deep fried foods at the Vogue after-party.

1955 – Best Picture goes to “Marty” – Ernest Borgnine controversially thanks the “colored people” in his acceptance speech.

1960 – Liz Taylor famously tries to eat the chocolate inside her Oscars statue. She looses eight teeth.

1963 – Sidney Poitier becomes the first black actor to win an Oscar. Laurence Olivier is furious he didn’t win for “Othello.”

1969 – “Midnight Cowboy” is the first X-rated film to win best picture. The second will be “Big Titted Milfs 9.”

1974 – “The Godfather II” becomes the first sequel to ever win Best Picture. That is until, “Citizen Kane-ier.”

1976 – “Rocky” wins Best Picture despite it’s mentally handicapped leading man.

1979 – Dustin Hoffman wins for “Kramer vs. Kramer” and is revealed to be only three feet tall.

1980 – Robert De Niro knocks out Sissy Spacek to win the World Heavyweight Oscars Championship.

1987 – Cher wins Best Actress.  Meryl Streep’s head explodes.

1988 –  Billy Crystal is just f*cking delightful.

1990 – “Dances With Wolves” cleans up. Much promise builds around Kevin Costner’s next project, “Waterworld.”

1991 – Jack Palance is still alive.

1993 – “Schindler’s List” wins everything despite being the depressing f*cking movie ever made.

1994 – Tom Hanks is “Forrest Gump,” starting a long tradition of half-retarded Best Actor winners.

1995 – Mel Gibson cleans up with “Braveheart,” – his life is perfect from here on out.

1997 – “Titanic” wins best picture. Kate Winslet’s boobs cause millions of erections the world over.

1999 – After caught masturbating in the shower, Kevin Spacey wins his second Oscar for “American Beauty.”

2000 – “Gladiator” reminds us all the River Phoenix is still dead.

2001 – Halle Berry wins her first Oscar so she can finally make her dream project “Catwoman.”

2003 – “Lord of the Rings” cleans up. Geeks rejoice.

2005 –  “Crash” is the worst picture to ever win Best Picture.

2008 – “Slumdog Millionaire” wins Best Picture. Leaving the smell of curry in Hollywood for months after.

2010 – Jack Nicholson screws Anne Hathaway at Elton John’s after-party.


CRAVE ONLINE won Best Picture in 1972.