Next England Captain Will Be Announced Tomorrow

Stuart Pearce is delaying naming the skipper.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Interim manager of the England national squad Stuart Pearce has decided to delay the naming of the teams new skipper until tomorrow. 

Although Pearce has confirmed that he has decided upon the player who will receive the captains armband, he will only publically announce his decision once he has firmly decided upon the starting squad for the friendly tomorrow (February 29) against Holland at Wembley Stadium.

Speaking of his decision to remain quiet on the captaincy issue until the day of the match, Pearce said: "It's a format that I have followed at club level and Under-21 level and I didn't see it necessary to change it at this moment in time."

Pearce, who manages the England Under-21 squad, has been left in charge of the national team until a new manager is appointed, following the departure of Fabio Capello. Pearce has confirmed that he has spoken to the former manager, saying:  "I spoke with Fabio a few days ago to thank him for everything he's done for me.

"I received a text message from him on Monday morning wishing me all the best for the game on Wednesday, which I replied to."

The reasoning behind Capello's departure is largely attributed to the FA's decision to strip John Terry of the captain's armband, a decision which Capello publically disagreed with. The FA released a statement saying that by venting his frustrations to the media Capello had breached his contract, with led to a mutual decision between both parties for Capello to resign from his post as manager. 

Terry's captaincy was stripped from him following racism allegations leveled at him following a confrontation with QPR's Anton Ferdinand, brother of Terry's fellow England teammate Rio Ferdinand.

Pearce also spoke about whether he has considered the possibility of applying to be the full-time manager of the squad, saying: "I have spoken to my bosses at the organisation. I am filling the breach while a new manager is found. The preparation is done for the summer, that's where we are at the moment. It buys us time to find the right man to fill the void."

Many fans questioned whether Joe Hart would be the man to take the captain's armband, but Hart today quelled those theories, saying that him becoming England captain is still a "long way off" despite his good relationship with the interim manager. "It is still undecided and the manager is going to announce that tomorrow," said Hart, "I've just been put forward to speak and there are no real links to it.

"Captaining your country would be amazing and a great honour but it's a long way off happening for myself.

"There are some big candidates and big names with a lot of caps to be put on the table."