7 Guys With Hair On Fire

Setting hair on fire: that's what friends are for.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Fire! Fire! Beavis is sure to get a kick out of these 7 videos of dudes whose hair got set aflame – we certainly do. Just remember, don’t try this at home. But if you do try this at home, remember to take a photo of what your face looked like before the accident, so you’ll always have that memory.


This Is What The People Want

In case you were wondering.



Who needs a birthday cake?


Posing With Hair On Fire

Cross your arms and make a goofy face while your hair is on fire. I assume that’s the new planking.


Pass It On

What’s a little burnt hair between friends?


Fire In Class

These kids finally learned something in school.



I never would have guessed there’d be negative consequences to setting your hair on fire.


Best Man



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