Top 5 Undrafted Quarterbacks Of All-Time

These five guys defied expectations to fulfill their dreams.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the NFL Draft just around the corner, the majority of the talk is centered on the top two QB's coming out, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, and rightly so. These two guys look to have all it takes to become franchise QB's. But while, like with these guys, it's easy to see the talent in front of you when it's this obvious, sometimes people slip through the scouting cracks only to come on later and have an impact in the NFL. In homage to the theme of this upcoming draft, here are the top 5 quarterbacks to make it in the NFL without being drafted.


5. Jake Delhomme, Louisiana-Lafayette

Jake Delhomme, like many on this list, chose an alternative route to the NFL when his dream of being drafted wasn't realized. He spent three years in NFL Europe before being picked up by the New Orleans Saints in 1999. Though he is nearing the end of his NFL career, Delhomme did have success as the starter for the Carolina Panthers. He earned 1 pro bowl bid during his time there and is currently the Panthers all time leader in almost every passing category. For his 11 year career, Delhomme has passed for 20,975 yards and 126 touchdowns.


4. Tony Romo, Eastern Illinois

Tony Romo, currently the starter for the Dallas Cowboys, saw himself go undrafted in the 2004 draft. He was picked up by Bill Parcells and the Cowboys in 2005 and has had a productive career in Dallas. Though he has yet to have playoff success, Romo has shown time and time again that he has the talent to be a starter in this league and it's only a matter of time before he makes that Super Bowl run. For his 7 year career, Romo has passed for 20,834 yard and 149 touchdowns.


3. Jeff Garcia, San Jose State

Like Warren Moon, who tops our list, Jeff Garcia joined the ranks of the Canadian Football League after going undrafted and though he didn't quite have the career there that moon did, he did show enough to get picked up by the San Francisco 49ers. While the majority of his still going career has been sent as a journey man, Garcia has played for 8 different NFL teams, he has had success as a starter, earning 4 Pro Bowl berths. For his 12 year career, Garcia has passed for 25,537 yards and 161 touchdowns.


2. Kurt Warner, Northern Iowa

Who doesn't know the Kurt Warner story by now? The ultimate rags to riches story, Warner went from stocking shelves in a supermarket to tossing bombs in a Super Bowl practically overnight. Having went undrafted coming out of college, Warner spent time in the arena leagues before being picked up by the St. Louis Rams. One preseason injury later to starter Trent Green and Warner was thrust into the starters role, never to look back. For his 11 year career, Warner amassed 28,591 yards and 182 touchdowns. He also appeared in 3 SuperBowls with two different teams, winning one.


1. Warren Moon, Washington

Warren Moon, unfortunately, came out of college in an era where nobody was looking for anything but a white quarterback. Not to be denied the sport he loved, he went to the Canadian Football League for five seasons, winning five consecutive Grey Cups. His crisp passing and winning ways caught the attention of the Houston Oilers who picked him up and never looked back. In his 17 seasons in the NFL, Moon passed for 49,325 yards and 291 touchdowns.