A Muppet Sequel Without Jason Segel?

The star and co-writer of The Muppets is the only one who won't be able to return for the follow up.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

After years of wallowing in the fringe of the pop culture firmament, last year's The Muppets shot Jim Hensen's creations back into the limelight. The recent Oscar win didn't hurt either. So a sequel was expected and, we have learned, is now also in the works. With one caveat: Jason Segel may not be involved.

Vulture has learned that the film's director, James Bobin, and Segel's co-writer Nick Stoller have been tapped to write the follow up, but unfortunately Segel expects to be too busy with his television series How I Met Your Mother and publicity campaigns for upcoming films Five Year Engagement and This Is Forty, but due out this year. While the writer of Forgetting Sarah Marshall won't be available to help pen the screenplay, he reportedly hasn't ruled out starring in the finished product, depending on the script Bobin and Stoller put together.

While it's safe to say that Jason Segel wasn't the big draw for a Muppets movie, what with The Muppets themselves being a pretty big deal all by themselves, he was of course instrumental in getting a proper, theatrically released and original Muppet movie off the ground after they'd languished in disappointing literary retreads like The Muppet Wizard of Oz. We're a little surprised that he didn't try to make this work: apparently he decided he was a "man" after all.

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