Historectomy 26 The Death of Edgar Allen Poe

A mysterious death that would rival Poe’s own stories in insanity, hijinks, and alcohol abuse.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


We get unexpectedly sentimental about Edgar Allen Poe and the horrible way that he could have died. It must be the beating of his hideous heart…


Also in this episode: Christian and Sam share their favorite Poe stories, beaten to death by Wiffle ball bats, was Poe killed by his own mental robot apocalypse?, listen to this episode simply to find out what “Cooping” is, Poe’s cooping disguise wouldn’t have fooled anyone, would Poe have sued the Baltimore Ravens?, Poe would’ve totally “sold out” if he was alive today, we get our Ghostbusters reference in there, Sam tries to channel Poe’s spirit, was Poe the victim of conspiracy?, Superman was never held responsible for his crimes against Metropolis, and we decide to become Poe Toasters all that and NEVER-more in this episode! *rimshot*