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Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

While it's great to check out well-known, historic (ahem, obvious) cities, finding a few hidden gems is what makes travel so exciting. Route 66 is a fantastic drive but so are some of the secret backroads that litter North America coast to coast. I received a few press releases this week about lesser-known destinations, from a cozy inn in Oregon that sounds like a dream to a cool travel event in NYC. Here's the lowdown:

– Ashland Creek Inn, an oasis of luxury in historic "downtown" Ashland (I use that term loosely), offers multi-room suites, comfort and privacy overlooking Ashland Creek, with daily gourmet breakfasts that are second to none and are served creekside each morning. Ashland’s only all-suite inn has become a perennial pied-à-terre for patrons of the town’s annual ‘ode to Shakespeare’’, the nine-month festival that Time magazine ranked one of the top five regional theatres in the country. But beyond Broadway-quality theatre, access to world-class natural wonders coupled with a culture of near non-stop festivals celebrating everything from local food to international film has put the boutique inn and its tiny town on the map for a new generation of travelers for whom the play’s not the only thing. It's a jewel of a place that the Washington Post called a “dream you’ll never want to leave.” Find out more by visiting their website here.

– The New York Times Travel Show is taking place from March 2-4. You can explore over 500 destinations across the globe, get advice from travel experts, enjoy cultural traditions with five stages featuring live performance and culinary presentations from around the world, and book trips on the spot with on-site American Express booking stations. Admission is $15 (and free for people under the age of 18). Check out their website for more info.

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