Fox Pulls The Plug On ‘Terra Nova’

The network cancels the modestly rated sci-fi series, but it may have a new life at another network.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

During the season finale of "Terra Nova," Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) and Commander Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang) destroyed Hope Plaza and cut off the Terra Nova colony from the future. Earlier today, Fox cut off "Terra Nova" from the present.

Fox has officially canceled "Terra Nova" after a single season, despite showcasing the series for almost a year prior to its debut. Produced by Steven Spielberg, Peter Chernin and several others, "Terra Nova" was set in the prehistoric past where dinosaurs lived alongside an influx of human colonists from the desolate future of 2149.

"Terra Nova" may not have been the instant blockbuster that Fox wanted it to be, but it maintained fairly respectable ratings and it garnered a following especially among families. "Terra Nova" was also one of the most DVRed series last fall and it performed strongly in international markets. Because of that, there is talk that 20th Century Fox TV is already shopping around "Terra Nova" to other networks in hopes of a reprieve.

While hope is still alive for the show, it should be noted that "Terra Nova" was among the most expensive dramas on TV with a pilot episode rumored to have the highest budget in television history. That means that in order to save the show, it would either take a broadcast network willing to spend that kind of money to maintain the quality or the budget of "Terra Nova" would probably have to be gutted and significantly scaled back.

Last December, Fox extended the contracts of O'Mara and Lang to keep them attached to "Terra Nova." Presumably those extensions are still in play for now if the series has any chance for resurrection on another network.

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