BAMMO Network Hits Youtube

Music, zany comedy, amazing effects and more ...

Becky Youngby Becky Young

Are you into music? Bettering yourself? Zany comedy?  Amazing digital effects?  Chocolate Rain?  Than look no further than Youtube's new network – BAMMO!

Today Big Frame Productions and online video masters CorridorDigital, Destorm Power, Mike Diva, MysteryGuitarMan, and Tay Zonday take YouTube by storm with the launch of BAMMO, a premium destination on YouTube created by and for the new generation of digital entertainment and special effects creators.

Here is a taste of the channel with MysteryGuitarMan's first episode of SANDBOX.1

BAMMO’s daily programming will feature regular episodes from five new original shows –

Hosted by viral video legend, Tay Zonday, Lockout’ is the first ever YouTube-video-based game show, in which famous YouTubers watch, comment and improve upon the viral value of YouTube’s ‘hidden gems.’


From special effects masterminds CorridorDigital, ‘Sync,’ is a science fiction action thriller about a special agent/body snatcher who teams up with a teenaged hacker to stop the machines and forces of evil from taking over the planet.  In a twist on the web series format, a parallel program will provide a concurrent “behind the scenes / making of” program that documents the journey the CorridorDigital team take in their most ambitious project to date.

A fantastic blend of community generated original content fuels MysteryGuitarMan’s creative, engaging, fun, and interactive show, ‘Sandbox,’ which presents a weekly challenge to both YouTube collaborators and MysteryGuitarMan’s artistically inclined fans.


Delve deep inside the dub step, robots, aliens, superheroes, and fantastical world of Mike Diva with ‘TurboTime,’ featuring special guests, music videos, delirious flashbacks from the bridge of Mike Diva’s retro space cruiser.      


Hip-hop lifestyle, fashion, and culture authority, DeStorm Power, unleashes ‘Upgraded,’ the definitive show on urban culture hottest trends in technology, music, and fashion.


Personally knowing some of these guys, I can attest to the sheer collection of talent on this network. Be sure to check out BAMMO and subscribe to the channels that best fit your taste.  There is something here for everyone.  – Becky Young (Sr. Video Producer at CraveOnline)