4th and Goal: NFL Offseason Questions Part 3

Taking a look a 4 more questions plaguing teams this offseason.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

What can the Patriots do to improve their defense?

To put this in the most simplest of terms, they can actually draft good players. Over the past few years, the Patriots have traded their high draft picks for multiple ones in later rounds with the philosophy that if they throw enough crap against the wall, something is sure to stick. The only thing with this, however, is that not much is sticking on the defensive end. To fix this, the Pats need to scout better and actually use their high picks to bring in quality college players. There's a reason guys go in the first round and that's because they usually have the talent.


Will the Giants suffer a post-Super Bowl letdown?

A popular sports adage is that if you don't feed yourself, you stay hungry. Basically, as applied to sports, that means that if you don't bask in your success, you will be more apt to go out and achieve more. There is a lot of truth to this and it can usually be found in teams that have just won the SuperBowl. After a summer of basking in the spotlight of their achievement, it's pretty easy to not be as focused as you need to be come the start of the season and that's where the Giants find themselves. Personally, with the experience at key positions and a coach that has been here before, there should be nothing of this sort to worry about with these Giants.


Will the Dallas Cowboys rebound in 2012?

The Cowboys must get to the playoffs this season. If they don't expect major changeover in the 2012-13 offseason. With the amount of talent and explosiveness on the offensive end and the steady improvement of QB Tony Romo, that side of the ball is well covered. On the defensive end, however, they need to make some upgrades to some key areas, namely cornerbacks. With the type of receivers Dallas goes up against on a yearly basis, they need good cornerbacks to keep them in check. They also need to avoid those pesky late game collapses that have plagued them of late.


Are the Steelers going to keep Mike Wallace?

One of the biggest little rumors going around the NFL right now is that the Pittsburgh Steelers have set themselves up to possibly lose their best receiver, Mike Wallace. A restricted free agent, the Steelers have opted to put a first round tender on him as opposed to franchising the young wideout. Basically, the difference between the two comes down to money guaranteed to Wallace should he not sign a long term offer and want to play out his final year. Any team that wants Wallace would have to give Pittsburgh a first round pick and hope that they don't match the offer given to Wallace.

The reality of this is that the Steelers are going to get Wallace locked up long term. Between the plethora of quality receivers out there that would be cheaper and the fact that the team has freed up money by cutting some vets, this deal will get done.