Will ‘Terra Nova’ Migrate To Netflix?

Rumors suggest that talks are underway to resurrect the recently canceled Fox series, but significant obstacles remain.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this week, Fox pulled the plug on "Terra Nova" after the projected blockbuster provided only modest ratings after months of hype. However, it was also noted that "Terra Nova's" small and devoted following and its popularity overseas could earn the series a reprieve on another network.

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox TV has reportedly been speaking with Netflix about reviving "Terra Nova" on the streaming service. Although that sounds promising, the report also notes that the talks are only in a preliminary stage and they have not yet morphed into actual negotiations.

To a certain extent, the union of of "Terra Nova" and Netflix makes sense. "Terra Nova" was among the most DVRed programs on TV; which means a significant audience could follow it to a new home. But there are still several things that would need to be addressed first. For starters, can Netflix afford to maintain the high budget that "Terra Nova" enjoyed on Fox? And if not, will fans accept a stripped down version of the show?

Another thing to keep in mind is that several of the performers may have been released from their contracts. It's not clear if Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang are still bound by the contract extension from December, but Christine Adams —  who portrayed The Sixers leader, Mira —  has already signed on to costar in the ABC drama pilot, "Americana."

Regarding the budget issues for "Terra Nova," Fox and Netflix should probably look at the "Friday Night Lights" deal between DirectTV and NBC. Under the shared agreement, DirectTV aired new episodes of "Friday Night Lights" first and NBC aired them months later, but that arrangement helped mitigate the cost of production. Of course, maintaining "Terra Nova's" production values may make even that deal cost prohibitive.

What do you think about "Terra Nova" possibly moving to Netflix? Which cast members can it afford to lose? Weigh in below in our comment section!