Manchester City Want Van Persie

Arsenal striker is in high demand, says Mancini.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Manchester boss Roberto Mancini has revealed his interest in signing Arsenal's star striker Van Persie, but has admitted that it would be difficult to convince Arsenal to not renew their contract with him once it expires.

Van Persie has just over a year left on his contract with the Gunners but fans are speculating his future with the club, with many believing that he has now surpassed them. 

Speaking to the press, Mancini said: "We are interested in all good players," Mancini told reporters. "This is normal, but not only us. I think all the good teams are interested in Van Persie.

"I think Van Persie at this moment is one of the best strikers in Europe with [Lionel] Messi, [Cristiano] Ronaldo and with Sergio [Aguero] and Mario [Balotelli]."

However, Mancini also acknowledged that prising the striker from the grasp of Arsenal boss Wenger would be unlikely, saying: "I think he is a fantastic striker, but I think he will remain with Arsenal. I think if there is a good player who wants to leave a club, then we are interested. But if this player wants to stay, we don’t have any problem. In my opinion, Van Persie will stay at Arsenal.

"I think Van Persie will sign a new contract with Arsenal because if Arsenal lose also Van Persie, they will have a big problem. They want to win the next Premier League, so for these reasons I think he will stay."

Van Persie is currently the top goalscorer in the Premier League with 22 goals to his name, with Wayne Rooney trailing behind him with 17.

Mancini will be preparing his City squad for their match tonight with Sporting Lisbon in the last 16 of the Europa League. Speaking of his team's chances of victory he said:  "We have six games to get to the final – we want to win the final if it's possible."

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