Kansas City And Manning A Perfect Match

The Chiefs have everything they need to lure Peyton to their team.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With his dismissal from Indianapolis after a very productive 14 seasons, former Colts QB Peyton Manning is a free man. Free to finish out his career, while not exactly where he wants to, at maybe the next best thing. You see, being a future Hall of Fame Quarterbacks who's on the free agent market has it's perks, despite concerns over his health, and the main perk is picking the next team he wants to play for.

As of today, it is being reported that as many as 12 teams have reached out to Manning's agent in the hopes of potentially luring the QB to their city and it's also being said that a decision will be made within a week. But, heck, who wants to wait that long!

No, I can tell you with certainty, right now, where the best fit is for Peyton Manning. That would be the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yes, the Chiefs have everything you can look for when wanting to go to a new team. They have a talented defense, a stud running back, and a pair of receivers that would flourish with Manning chucking them the rock. Another positive for KC is that they play in a relatively weak division and with the addition of Manning, would instantly be in line as the AFC West favorite heading into next season.

But hold on a minute, because we haven’t even got to the two best parts about the Chiefs yet! The first of these two top selling points is head coach Romeo Crennel. Crennel, besides being a players coach, is also a defensive minded guy so he would have no issue with Manning coming in and running the offense, which he would do wherever he goes.

The second, and most important aspect of a potential pairing of Manning with the Chiefs, is that KC has a ton of cap space available. Last season, they finished 20 million under the cap and with the new CBA, that rolls over to this year and goes with the available cap space of this season. So, all in all, they have the money to bring in Manning and even one of his guys like Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garcon.

Even though it's still hard to grasp that Manning is going to be anywhere but in Indy this season, it's going to happen. And if it's going to happen, then the Chiefs have got to be the most obvious choice, because at this stage of the game for Peyton, it's about winning and the Chiefs are set to do so.