Suck It Up And Sign, Drew Brees

If the Saints QB really cared about the team, he wouldn't be adding to their misery.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Can you think of a team having a worse offseason than the New Orleans Saints are right now? Granted, a lot of their issues were self made, nobody forced them to set bounties on players, even though I think that part is getting blown out of proportion, but you got to feel for this team. Whenever the punishment for this 'BountyGate' comes down, it's going to be harsh and it's not something the team is going to get over in the near future.

That's a horrible thing in itself, the embarrassment combined with the loss of draft picks which is a given, but when you add in the misery that their franchise QB Drew Brees is adding to the mix, then your got misery all around.

You see, in the franchise's worst possible moment, the face of it is basically giving them the finger in front of their whole fan base. Drew Brees, a free agent who was franchised by the club, is acting uncharacteristically selfish this offseason.

It's being reported that Brees is 'livid' about being franchised by the Saints and will refuse to sign it. He is mad because he didn't get the contract he wanted by the organization and he's not been shy in letting this be known. The thing is, however, that the Saints offered him a deal that would have made him the highest paid QB in the league and he turned it down!

The Saints offered Brees MORE than the $18.5 million a year that Brady makes and Manning made. They also wanted to throw in a $30 million dollars signing bonus. In total, the Saints offer to Brees would have been the second highest amount of guaranteed money in NFL history that a player would have made in the first three years of a deal.

Brees said no.

Not only did Brees say no, but he also countered by asking for $23 million a year. This gap, at roughly $4 million a year, is huge in football standards and is what caused the Saints to have to use their franchise tag on Brees. A tag I'm sure they would have much rather used on wideout Marques Colston or star guard Carl Nicks, who are also a free agents and are in danger of being swept off their feet by another team.

Before this sudden act of greed, Brees was known as a personable, friendly and all around great guy. He did everything right and was the perfect face of a franchise that needed it. Simply put, what the heck happened to that guy?

Look, I understand the desire to get paid, and paid well since you are one of the premier QB's in the league. But come on man, the Saints are offering you a contract that would make you the highest paid QB in the league! And you want more money! It just doesn't make sense and is putting a blemish on your otherwise golden image.

Man up Brees and sign the deal. Your franchise needs it's face now more than ever. Maybe it is hard not getting the dough you think you deserve but it's not like you're getting offered chump change. Just sign the paper and go back to being the symbol for a city you were meant to be.