Sports Fix: NFL Draft 2012

The Indianapolis Colts let Peyton Manning go, NCAA Tournament competitors are announced and the Rams trade away their number two pick!

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

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Get ready to fill out your brackets if you haven't already. I've already filled out 37 of them. I have a problem. This past Sunday was Selection Sunday, as all 68 teams to make the annual NCAA Tournament were announced. Kentucky was the number one overall seed, as Michigan State, Syracuse and North Carolina were the other number one seeds. UConn, who won the championship last year, looks like they will face Kentucky in the second round, pending first round wins from both teams. Never in the history of the NCAA tournament has a number one team lost in the first round. If it happens now, there will officially be a Sports Fix jinx. I'm still not holding my breath.


The Indianapolis Colts finally made it official, and as expected, released quarterback Peyton Manning. Colts owner Jim Irsay made the decision in consideration of not only Manning's age and recent surgical issues, but it was a fiscal decision as well, as Manning was due a bonus this upcoming season of 28 million dollars. Hours after Manning was cut from the team, he took a plane to Miami to meet with the Dolphins, before meeting with the Broncos and Cardinals on a trip this past weekend; two teams that are reportedly the front-runners in obtaining the Hall of Fame quarterback. The only thing stranger than seeing Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform would be Joe Namath in a Rams uniform or Johnny Unitas in a Chargers uniform. Oh wait, that actually happened????? Signs of the apocalypse.

And the Rams traded away that number two pick of theirs. The Robert Griffin III sweepstakes was won this past weekend by the Washington Redskins. What you mean you don't want Rex Grossman taking snaps anymore?? Crazzzzyyy. Anywhooooo, the pick was not cheap, to say the least. The Redskins had to give the Rams three-first round picks and one second round pick, a deal that is essentially unheard of in todays NFL. The Colts will get pick 6 in this years draft and the 'Redskins first round selection in the 2013 and 2014 draft. Wowza! The Rams went 2-14 last year but now have all these draft picks. So your sayin theres a chance?!!?! I really just wanted to quote Dumb and Dumber. You have no idea how much I tried to make that fit in this weeks Fix.

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