Tebow OUT if Manning IN Denver

Reports say that Broncos to trade Tim Tebow if they can get Peyton Manning

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Ok, it's official. Tim Tebow has to be the most unappreciated quarterback to lead a franchise a playoff win.

With the tidal wave that is recently released Peyton Manning sweeping across the NFL, it is becoming more apparent that the Denver Broncos fan favorite and improbable winner, Tim Tebow, is going to be the guy swept away by his passing.

In my eyes, this is a series of improbable events. It appears that the Denver Broncos may be the frontrunner to nab the highly coveted Manning. Manning, who made plans only to visit with the Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals over the weekend, met with Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway and coach John Fox on Friday during a six-hour visit to the team's facility in Denver.

According to reports, Manning was impressed with the visit and combined with his being comfortable with both Elway and Fox, may make the Broncos the future Hall of Fame quarterback's choice for his next team. If that were to happen, a source close to the team has stated that fan favorite Tim Tebow would be traded to another team, with the Jacksonville Jaguars at the top of the list of potential suitors.

That same source also said that if Manning didn't sign with the Broncos, that Tebow would remain the starter.

The big question is though, why would Tebow want to start for the Broncos now?

This open disrespect for the quarterback that led the Broncos to the AFC West crown last season would be a slap in the face even if this was the only insult. But no, when you add this to all the craziness Tebow had to endure last year–from going to starter, to 4th string in preseason, to getting the nod finally and winning while still not having the backing of the organization–then what you have is a definite recipe for a breakup, no matter if Manning comes or not.

No, Tim Tebow may not be the typical quarterback but he has proven that he can win in this league. He has done it both by air and by leg and through the most improbable of situations, he has kept his cool and elevated the play of those around him. Tim Tebow has earned the right to be a starter in this league and if I were him, I would demand to be traded no matter what.

Of course, with Tebow being Tebow, he won't do that. This guy is of such high moral character that he would never openly demand anything but a chance to prove himself. But that's the point! This guy is a signature franchise guy who can improve on his faults, put fans in the stands, and most importantly, win games.

It's beyond clear that the Broncos don't want him, so why not just cut him loose no matter what happens with Manning. This almost yearly spectacle now is a joke and paints the organization in a negative light. It's best just to cut ties with Tebow now and move on.

The fans will complain, especially if they don't get Manning, but they will get over it and every side would be happier.

It's a win-win, which ironically, is all Tebow does.