Best Golf Game Ad Ever?

Tiger Woods resurrects Shaq-Fu for this awesome PGA Tour 13 ad.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


For a lot of people, golf is a hard game to get excited for, whether in real life or virtually. I think the marketing department working on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 understand this. That's why they've enlisted the help of Shaquille O'Neal to spice things up. I bet you never thought Shaq-Fu would make a comeback courtesy of a golf game, did you?

While this trailer doesn't run down the gauntlet of features found in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, it does do a swimmingly good job of entertaining thoroughly. Granted, I'm a fan of whacking balls with long sticks, so maybe this trailer isn't aimed precisely at my forehead. For all you non-golfers out there, does this trailer at least get you a little interested in checking out this year's golf effort from EA Sports? Let us know in the comments below.