The Wild West

The West Region was all 'chalk' this weekend, except for one giant surprise.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Wow, what an incredible second day of the NCAA tournament.

The entire country now knows who Lehigh and Norfolk State are. Never have there been two No. 15 seeds to win in the same tournament, let alone the same day.

Here's a fun fact: out of 6.5 million brackets on ESPN, 31,183 picked Lehigh and Norfolk State to win on Friday. Even with those correct picks, there were still no perfect brackets; not even before day two of the tourney was over.

Add to the fact that USF, Ohio (yes the Bobcats), NC State, Xavier and Purdue all won, and I'm just hoping Dick Vitale is still breathing. It's madness babyyyyy!

Still, the only big surprise out of the West after the first and second round games was Norfolk State's upset over Mizzou. For a special feature on that game, you can read what I wrote earlier on Friday below.

Now that we can see how well Norfolk can play against a major program, I'm excited to see the fight they might put up against Billy Donovan's Florida Gators.

In other games out West…

Murray State might be one of the best No. 5 seeds–with the least amount of respect–that I have ever seen. They're 35-1, and I think they can knock out Marquette. It's very conceivable we could see a Murray State vs. Norfolk State match-up in the Sweet 16.

In the top half of the bracket, I don't see Michigan State having many problems with Saint Louis. Draymond Green put up a triple-double against LIU Brooklyn on Friday. He's ridiculous and I'm not sure SLU has the man power to shut him down.

And as far as Louisville goes, they're Jekyll and Hyde. I can see them heading to the Final Four, or losing to a very good New Mexico team this weekend. The Lobos are as athletic as anyone.

If this weekend is anything like the past 24 hours have been, then take your heart medicine, buckle your seat belt,…..wear you sunscreen!…You get the idea. It's going to be a crazy ride. But that is, of course, why we call it March Madness.

Scores from the West Region on Friday

#10 Virginia  45

#7 Florida  71


#15 Norfolk State  86

#2 Missouri  84


#9 Saint Louis  61

#8 Memphis  54


#16 LIU Brooklyn  67

#1 Michigan State  89