WonderCon LiveBlog: Marvel’s “Talk To The Hat”

Carol Danvers IS the new Captain Marvel, and more news from Marvel's Tom Brevoort.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Captain Marvel

Since Joe Quesada is not here to do Cup O' Joe, Marvel editor extraordinaire Tom Brevoort is filling in with "Talk To The Hat," because he wears a hat. He'll shill a few things and then take questions from the crowd.

Also on the panel are Jeph Loeb and Mark Waid.

Loeb says Quesada thinks East Coast Marvel fans are better than West Coast Marvel fans. So we yell on command to prove him wrong.

Mark Waid is sporting the backup hat if Brevoort can't answer it. Arune Singh is also present.

JULY 2012: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1. Looks like Carol Danvers with a buzzcut in a new outfit. It is indeed Carol Danvers, with PANTS. But still the sash. Looks snazzy actually. Kelly Sue DeConnick is writing it. Dexter Soy on art. 


UPDATE: Here are some images of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and more info from Marvel.com.


Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel

X-TREME X-MEN – Greg Pak, Steve Segovia, spinning out of Pak's recent Astonishing X-Men run, featuring an alternate reality team, with Dazzler at the center of the book.

MARVEL ReEVOLUTION plugged again – Augmented Reality and Infinite Comics. See the AvX blog for that and my upcoming interview with Mark Waid.


Q: Marvel TV question for Loeb – what are the live action series in the works? All he can say is that shows are in development – still working on the Hulk, a Punisher show and AKA Jessica Jones (Alias).

Q: Somebody didn't know Spider-Man was an Avenger, and now he is informed.

Q: A Cable question , and thus Avengers X-Sanction #4 is plugged, out next week.

Q: Marvel Cosmic plans? There are massive plans in the works for the cosmic side – some of which you will see before the year is out. Nova will play a big role in it.

Q: Marvel animation is plugged, and Loeb says they have Marvel Animation Studios (MAS) in Glendale now, so they're going to try to do more Mighty Marvel Masterpieces. And the current Marvel cartoons are the first ones done by Marvel themselves.

Q: A kid asks if regular people can contribute technology and comic ideas to Marvel, and who are their favorite heroes and who would win in a fight? Legal reasons prevent specific ideas being heard, of course, but all people who work at Marvel are regular people. Loeb picks Mark Waid's Daredevil, and he could beat up anybody. Waid picks Mark Waid's Daredevil, too. Singh picks Brevoort's Fantastic Force and ForceWorks. Brevoort's favorite is The Thing, and he would win all the fights.

Q: The 'how to break in' question. If you have published works, you can send samples to them and they'll check it out and solicit pitches and such. Marvel.com has the ways to send it in – email or physical copies. It's better to link to them, or link to the blog or what-have you. No 20G pdfs, they won't get read and they'll assume it's a virus.

Q: Any more Loeb collaborations with Tim Sale? They are still working on Captain America: White. 10 more pages of progress recently – it's taken so long that they're just going to wait until it's entirely finished before publishing it – setting the deadline at the release date of Captain America 2 movie.

Q: Where are the villains in the Avengers vs. X-Men conflict? See the AvX panel for that answer.

Q: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is indeed returning – on April 1, right after Ultimate Spider-Man (which is a two-parter – going foward, it would be two half-hour shows).  "Wolverine and the X-Men" show will not return anytime soon.

Q: Will AvX mix things up and ruin relationships and make others? They won't be segregating them out by New, Mighty, etc. in Avengers. Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Beast will have troubles. Ms. Marvel might not be comfortable with fighting the X-Men either, and it's very divisive. Many mixes and matches.

Q: Cyclops seems like an extreme libertarian these days – security over education and everything else – is that intentional?  Not that specific parallel, but it's generally reflective of the world around us all. But no, Cyke isn't politically affiliated that way, he's just making tough decisions in the face of extinction.

Q: Marvel TV pilots – are you restricted to ABC affiliates? Loeb says they do have a partnership with ABC studios that lets them go right into production if they get a deal with another network.

Q: Iron Fist, Dr. Doom and Mar-Vell get white costumes when in contact with the Life Force, is that intentional or just a style thing? Brevoort says it wouldn't be the biggest stretch in the world to think there's a connection there. Waid says there were not white costumes until the 80s because the paper was crappy and color bleedthrough would be a problem.

Q: Any Shang-Chi plans? Yes, more toward the end of the year.

Q: When will Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman Marvelman issues in published form? They're working on it. The situation is a byzantine legal situation. They're taking their time to make sure they're entirely covered. New developments have even hindered things as well.

Q: What's your favorite medium, and what's your favorite female superhero? Loeb says his favorite is whatever he's currently doing. Waid's favorite female character is Invisible Woman. Brevoort loves comics best, and picks Sue as well.

Q: Marvel digital comics are the most expensive, and guy wants to know why, and why some availabilities aren't there. Singh says he respectfully disagrees – they give away a lot of 99 cent sales and such. They try to put material up when a big event's going on – put Spider-Man stuff up when Spider Island starts, etc. Not going day and date yet, becaue they want to take care of their retailers, too. They try to gauge demand before putting stuff up digitally as well.

Q: Any animation plans for Deadpool?  Loeb says "yes" but he can't tell us about it. There are plans out there to see how that would look.

Q: What did Mark Waid think of the Elektra movie?  Mark Waid asks Siri. Siri says nothing.

Q: Uncanny X-Force's Jerome Opena coming back to UXF? Jerome has another UXF arc coming up shortly, and that's his home for the moment. There will be a collection, perhaps not an omnibus, of course. Definitely an oversized hardcover.

Q: Any more Cable – in a movie or later series? If there's a Cable movie, it's a Fox movie and they wouldn't know about that.

Q: Thanos anytime soon? Brevoort says you will see more of Thanos within the next six months.

Q: Will Marvel do animated movies like the Infinity Gauntlet? Loeb says not at this time. Anything is possible thanks to Disney, and eventually that could happen given their animation history.

Q: Any clues about Hope's mom? Is she Madelyne Pryor's daughter? AvX does not get into it, because there's too much going on. Given enough time, you'll eventually find out, probably.

Q: Guardians of the Galaxy? – Marvel Cosmic plans are on the horizon, and they're included – a new version of them. Wait and see if Richard Rider is involved.

Q: Exlies ever coming back? The new X-Treme X-Men has a similar concept going on – Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler, Steampunk Emma Frost all together to stop threats to the universe. It's a variation on the theme.

Q: When will Disney replace Caifornia Adventure with Marvel Island?  Laughs and such.

Q: Does Bucky Barnes have a future with Secret Avengers? Brevoort likes the idea, but he's mostly focused on his own Winter Soldier stuff for now. He is not involved in AvX.

Q: Are the Marvel offices divided over AvX? Brevoort says everyone right-thinking supports Avengers. He hates the "fuckin' X-Men," as we heard last panel.

Q: Any chance of working with DC like a Marvel vs. DC or something? Lots of them in the past, but right now, neither company is all that interested in doing anything like that. There is a big omnibus from DC coming out of all those big crossovers from the past this summer.

Q: Opinions on Nextwave? Brevoort likes it. Singh thinks it's brilliant. Loeb says it's cool. Waid really liked it, and loves Stuart Immonen.

Q: Superhero Squad Movie? Loeb says it's like their entryway show to the Marvel Universe.

Q: Stan Lee stuff coming? He's happening with the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, contributing voicework.

Q: What fights in AvX are they most looking foward to? Brevoort says "Bendis and Jason Aaron." Singh says "anything with Iron Fist." Loeb says "Thing vs. Juggernautovich." Waid's excited for an upcoming Captain America battle.