Upset Drama Continues In Midwest

Georgetown falls to an unlikely foe, while a No. 13 seed advances to round of 16.

Jordan Zuckerby Jordan Zucker

You Call That an Upset? I’ll Show You an Upset!!!

Everyone was buzzing about 11th seed NC State’s victory over 6th seed San Diego State on Friday, only for them to turn around and defeat THIRD seed Georgetown on Sunday.

In the first half of the game, the Georgetown Hoyas maintained a lead, despite giving up twice as many the free throws. But in the last three minutes of the half, the Wolfpack went on a tear with a 12-0 run. The end of the run was as follows…

C.J. Williams nailed 3-pointer to finally take the lead 27-25.

At 51 seconds left in the first half, Hollis Thompson made a 20-foot jumper to tie it up 27-27.

Scott Wood, the team’s best 3 pt shooter, was one for two on his free throws. 28-27.

Then C.J. Leslie had a huge steal and dunked a layup to take the lead to 30-27 at the half. Mark Gottfried said they just needed to warm up and get into an offensive stride.

In the second half, NC State outscored Georgetown 30-11. Hollis Thompson was the Hoya’s only player to show up offensively with 23 points in the game. But it was enough to make it close.

Here's the breakdown late in the second half…

With 37 seconds on the clock, Sims nailed his free throws making it a 1-point game. Then Wood nailed one of his free throws, giving the Wolfpack a 2 point lead. 63-61.

With 24 seconds on the clock, Lorenzo Brown, who shoots 74 percent from the line, was 2-2. The score: 65-61.

Jason Clark then returned with a huge lay up. 65-63.

Brown was fouled again (Sims fouled out) and went 1-2. 66-63.

With 4 seconds left, Jason Clark chucked a 3-pointer for the tie, which was…No good!

NC State won 66 to 63. They move on to the Sweet 16 to face Kansas this weekend.


Other scores from the Midwest bracket.

#11 NC State  66

#3 Georgetown  63


#1 North Carolina  87

#8 Creighton  73

Number one seed UNC beat 8th seed Creighton. As long as McAdoo doesn’t turn into McAdon’t, UNC should be good to go. They face No. 13 Ohio next weekend.


#13 Ohio  62

#12 South Florida  56

It’s not that surprising that this No. 13 seed over No. 12 seed game didn't hold my nose out of my computer during my first fantasy baseball draft this season. The Ohio Bobcats will play No. 1 North Carolina in the Sweet 16.


#2 Kansas  60

#10 Purdue  63

Purdue really gave Kansas a run for their money.  All signs were pointing towards the second Midwest upset of the day as Purdue was crushing for most of the game.

But while I may have been fretting about missing my first pick in my fantasy baseball draft and winding up with Troy Tulowitzki instead of Ryan Braun, I by no means was worried about this game. I knew Kansas would pull it off somehow. I could smell the drama a mile away, much like my French Bulldog’s flatulence.

Sure enough, in the last minute, Purdue was clinging to a one-point lead, 60-59. Lewis Jackson fumbled the ball, Johnson picked it up and sank a shot giving the Jayhawks the lead.

Purdue's Hummel missed a three pointer and then KU's Taylor scored a basket to go up 63-60. Smith had a last second 3-point attempt for the Boilermakers, but was no good.